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Les Paul Hologram Portrait

In 1990 I filmed a hologram portrait of the great guitarist and inventor Les Paul . The crew consisting of my Co-Producer Clayton Munsey, and Camera Operator/ D.P, Adam Teichman. We traveled to Les Paul's historic house/studio in Mahwah New Jersey to film the 3-dimensional hologram of the music legend. Below, a collage of images from the shoot. Les asked me what guitar did I want and I picked a 1967 Gold top. BAM, Les said he would be right back and emerged with the '67 Gold top that he's seen playing a whole note scale in the hologram.

A limited edition of 2 life sized museum grade holograms as well as 2 artist proofs were made of the Les Paul-a-gram Animated  Holo-portrait

For further information please call either

Mark Diamond 305-758-4656


Clayton Munsey  212-674-4285


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