R.Buckminster Fuller 3-D Animated Holo-Portrait

MD presents Bucky with his invention the HoloKinetiCrystal- Icosahedron,
inspired after 4 days "Being With Bucky" at Harvard Science Center


I met Bucky Fuller in 1976 at the University of Miami. He was lecturing to a crowd of about 500 students and I arrived late. From the back of the auditorium I could see him "operating" one of his synergetic systems affectionately known as the Jitterbug. He then told the crowd that they were seeing 4 dimensions for the first time. I thought to myself, four dimensions! What was he talking about?

Intuiting that the animated holographic format I was just starting to employ, was the best possible medium for him to convey his synergetic geometry, I introduced myself to Jaime Snyder, his grandson and then "tour manager". I explained my concept and he in turn introduced me to the Buckster. Upon demonstrating several of my holograms to Bucky and Jaime, they agreed to have Bucky sit for me.


Bucky and Jaime

Several holographic portraits were filmed between 1977 and 1978 in Massachusetts with the gracious help from Dr.Rick Ingraci of Insight, Dr. Steven Benton and Will Walters, then at Polaroid Research Labs.


 Left, Bucky Dr. Ingraci and crew watch playback monitor. Right, Bucky has Will Walter demonstrate Dr. Land's new instant Polaroid movie system, "Polavision".

The first Holo-portraits titled "Bucky Does The Jitterbug" featured Fuller "pumping" the Vector Equilibrium System. During the second sessions, shooting consisted of headshots in 3d shot from 360 degrees. As a student of Bucky's work I decided to apply his Anticipatory Design Science to my own work in holography and specifically to the shooting of his Holo-portrait. In the seventies and through the 1980s, full color holographic portraits did not exist. All filming for holograms was done on black and white stock. (A.) To save money and (B.) because we couldn't render full color images. Anticipating a full color future possibility, I chose to shoot a color negative stock anyway. I am delighted to have this source material today as a result of Bucky's own indirect mandate, Anticipatory Design Science!


Production still from first Bucky shoot.

While Bucky did not want any remuneration for his time, I offered to turn a portion of any profits back into making holograms that would accelerate the conveyance off his synergetic geometry as we both realized the latent potential of this new medium of visual communication. Several proof holograms were made; however, no editions were ever created from this footage.

Bucky Does The Jitterbug copyright1977 Mark Diamond


All acquisition materials, namely 35mm color cine elements have been stored under air conditioned, archival conditions for the past 2 decades. In the intervening years since the filming, and Bucky's passing, I visualize the Holo-portrait integrating several of Bucky's most famous inventions. These artifacts will appear animated in the space around his 3D head, as though manifestations of his thought forms materializing, then disappearing, while he impishly smiles all the while. With the discovery of the Carbon 60 molecule and it's posthumous nomenclature, BuckminsterFullerene or Bucky Balls, I will include a computer generated C-60 (Bucky Balls) molecule animating in the space around his head as mentioned above. Other elements will include the Dymaxion Air-Ocean Map, The Dymaxion Car, Geodesic Dome (being flown by a helicopter), the Rowing Needle (with Bucky actually rowing himself), and the Jitterbug (Vector Equilibrium System).


 Original element of Bucky 360 hologram without inventions added around his head

 In the last decade I have worked on the application of Hollywood style digital effects to full color animated holograms. I am prepared to apply this experience along with the last 24 years of collective knowledge in the field to the creation of the Buckminster Fuller Animated Full Color 3 Dimensional Millennial Edition Hologram.


We are looking for individuals or organizations interested in helping us re-master this amazing holo-portrait for both consciousness and fund raising purposes.


 Bucky says "if not now when" at Harvard Science Center

I believe that in the spirit of Bucky's own words, "the universe wants the information to be shared," therefore there is no reason not to make this edition available to almost anyone with an interest in possibility thinking, the future, and all things Fuller.

Pre-production sketch by Mark Diamond

All images copyright Diamond Images/ All rights reserved.