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Workshops, Lecture, & Exhibition Services


Laser Holography Since 1975

Lectures, exhibition and workshops in holography upon request . Participants actually make their own holograms and gain understanding in the following aspects of this extraordinary medium of visual communication:

  • The Nature of Light

  • Characteristics and Types of Lasers for Holography

  • The Different Types of Holograms

  • How Various Holograms Are Made

  • The Applications of Holography

  • A Brief History Illusion in Art and Nature

  • Holography as The "New" Paradigm for Consciousness

We have provided exhibition, lectures and workshops from university levels to K-12. Our participants actually making holograms have ranged from 8 to 72 years of age.  Typically coupled with an exhibition of various holograms, our lecture presentation is lasts 1 hour, plus a question and answer session that usually runs half an hour. Over 200 images are used to illustrate the above concepts projected in either color transparencies or LCD projector format.

Please inquire as to how we can schedule one of our captivating presentations at your institution. Our lectures are designed to answer most all questions in the field of holography and more importantly inspire the group into personal reflection and investigation on their own.

Holography is a phenomenal medium that will engage members of an audience with tremendously diverse interests.

Other interrelated topics that are covered are as follows:

Art History

Optics & Optical Illusions

Bio-Medical Technology




Visual Perception


Stereography and 3-D Perception

Virtual Reality

Optical Computing


Scientific Visualization

Future of Memory Technologies

Provoking Serendipity