Large Display Holography Services

We have been producing world-class display quality holograms since 1975. We work in all formats of holography and there is typically one format best suited for your application. Some holograms appear best under controlled viewing circumstances. Other hologram formats allow for public viewing in a broad variety of lighting conditions.

This represents the largest hologram with the most frequent flyer miles.

We have produced holograms up to 8 ft long in one piece. Much larger hologram sizes are available as well. This one of a kind 3 ft x 8 ft hologram titled "Aft view off Sagittarius" depicts over 12 feet of depth extending beyond the hologram image plane. A space station is seen  surrounded by planets and stars.

The hologram was mounted to the rear bulkhead wall of a Canadair Challenger, seen below. The private jet at KC Aviation (a Kimberley-Clark company) was at their Love Field, Dallas, Texas facility for their client TAG Aviation during interior refurbishment.


Diamond Images has provided display quality holograms for the following :

  • Trade Shows

  • Retail Display

  • Home Interiors

  • Corporate Offices

  • Stand Alone Kiosks

  • Airport Displays

  • Product Introductions

  • Real estate Development Promotion

  • Restaurants

  • Architectural Presentations

  • Museum Exhibits