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"I enjoy applying imagination, creativity, and innovation towards telling stories with pictures, whether 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional, animated or static, using every image making technique available ."

Photography | Cinematography | Holography | Applications of Holography
Laser Lighting | Consulting | Lecturing | Videography

Photography: * Worked as Photojournalist for Rolling Stone Magazine 1972-1974 and then photo-editor Annie Liebowitz, covering both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, as well as over 200 musical acts.

* Published over 1000 photographs as photographer for various national publications including Time Magazine, Associated Press, New Times Magazine(the original), Pursuit Magazine, Sky, Scientific American, as well as others.

* Produced photographic illustrations for album, magazine and book covers for William Morrow, Harper and Row, Arista Records, Columbia Records, Stax/Volt, Mix Magazine, New York Times Sunday Magazine, Dell Books, Straight Arrow Books, and Polydor.

* Brochure, postcard, and magazine photography for South Beach Studios, Marlin Hotel, Island Trading, & Island Records.

Cinematography: * Produced 16mm short film titled "Rainbow Visions" featuring laser lighting effects and fiber optics.

* Filmed over 100 holographic stereograms in 35mm motion picture format for portraiture and advertising applications.

Holography: (some selected projects) *Created  holograms for Conexiones Americanas Mexico, a full-color, animated hologram of Gloria Trevi for 1996 calendar.

jesus_thm.jpg - 2.9 K* Designed and produced first digitally-composited, embossed, full-color holographic stereogram of "Jesus Christ". This hologram was the largest embossed stereogram in the world.

*  Founded 3-D Worldwide Holograms, Inc., a state-of-the art holographic production company located in Miami, Florida. As  President and Director of Research and Development, the facility was comprised of 3 world-class optical production laboratories and advanced technology interactive motion control film and video studios. The studios were linked with a digital production facility running 5 Silicon Graphics workstations.

* Established the first holographic art gallery and studio in the Southeast United States, Holografix 1975

.*  Built first laser laboratory for hologram production in Southeastern United States.

* Invented, produced and installed first computer controlled talking holographic portraits for Sheik Mohammed Al Fassi, Star Island, Florida.

* Founding member and exhibitor of The Museum of Holography in New York City, where three original works were exhibited 1975.

* Exhibited holograms in largest-ever holographic art exhibition titled "Images in Time & Space," Montreal Canada.

Produced largest art hologram "mural" in U.S. for K- C Aviation, Dallas, Texas measuring 3 feet x 8 feet. Installation as interior design element  aboard Canadair Challenger private jet aircraft

January, 1985 - Produced  holograms for first Spanish language publication to bear a hologram, Geomundo Magazine.

* Produced  holograms for financial software brochure cover "Systeme" Inc., Orlando, Florida.

*Filmed and produced signed, limited-edition holographic portrait of Dizzy Gillespie. This hologram is currently in public and private collections in over a dozen countries and has commanded the highest price paid for any hologram of its size.

* Designed and produced  holograms for Marriott World Center brochure cover Orlando, Florida.

* Produced 360 degree hologram for United Technologies/Norden Systems, Norwalk, Connecticut, of B-1 Bomber Aircraft. This hologram represented the first application of video acquisition (1" format) for hologram creation.

* Filmed first in series of Native American Holo-Portraits in Washington, D.C. 1990  Series now includes over 40 subjects.

Scientific and Engineering Applications of Holography:

* Produced 360-degree and 120-degree time lapse cloud studies for Atmospheric Sciences Division of N.A.S.A. at Huntsville, as well as N.O.A.A.'s National Meteorological Experimental Hurricane Laboratory.

* Conducted Holographic Non-Destructive Testing and Vibration Analysis for Dr. Dinnan at the University of Georgia Physics Department, for corroborative evidencing samples for patent submission.

* Built and operated laser laboratory for Holographic Non-Destructive Testing of Crystals, for 27-year Senior I.B.M. Scientist and inventor of the Liquid Crystal, Dr. Marcel Vogel at P.R.I., San Jose, California.

* Produced analytical laser transmission holograms for  Lawrence Livermore National Radiation Laboratory.

* Created 3-dimensional Scanning Electron Micrographs at Rosensteil Marine Biology Laboratories, University of Miami, Key Biscayne, Florida.

Laser Lighting Installations & Effects:

Designed, produced, and installed computer-controlled kinetic laser lighting system for Omni International Hotels, Miami, Florida and Shannon Discotech, Lima, Peru.

Provided laser lighting effects for Cheerwine TV commercial, Steve Minor, AFI director.


* Consulted for Coulter Electronics on laser-induced, florescent spectroscopic device.

* Consulted for Coca Cola Corporation, Atlanta, Georgia on holographic applications for marketing and packaging.

* Provided holographic consulting services for Hasbro for design and application of holograms to toy industry.

Educational Workshops/Lecturing:

* Taught holography at Holografix Inc. Laser Labs in Miami, Florida.

* Participated in Artists in The Schools Program in Dade County at the request of Mrs. Jacqueline Hinchey. Lectured on and demonstrated holography in over 40 schools.


* Cameraman on over one dozen Toyota regional television commercials.

* Senior producer for Metro Dade Transit Agency's video production facility. Produced training videos as well as public information spots.

* Produced, scripted, shot, and edited infomercials for Turboscan International, Coral Gables, Florida as well as organized and ran video department with Sony Beta editing suite.

* Video effect backgrounds for Jon Secada 20-minute video for Forti/Layne productions aired on VH-1 network .

* Cameraman, Microsoft MediaPlayer website THE 4TH ANNUAL ULTRA BEACH MUSIC FESTIVAL.

* Produced, directed, "Ilana Lilienthal: Sculpaintings" 15min Video animated exposition of the artist's work.

* Produced, "Kabala :Peace Thru Sharing" 5 minute animation with artist  Stuart Ellis. 

* Time-lapse animation cameraman for Red Feather Productions, "Office Depot :A Great Place To Work"


3-D Videography:

* Assisted director on  3-D video production " Birthday Bop" shot using twin Sony 90 cameras recorded in D-1 format.

* Created 3-D demonstration video for client pre-visualization of full color animated holograms using Liquid Crystal Glasses for 3-D viewing.