Diamond Images







Fine Art Holograms

One of A Kind & Limited Editions 

Holo Dali : Crystallized

Geometric Design is Observed Thru Crystal Bauble Seen In Foreground

Jose Can You C.B.W.(Chemical Biological Warfare)

in collaboration with sculpture by

Duane Hanson

In Case of Fire Break Hologram

(and kiss your tail goodbye)

Laser Red Hots

HoloKinetiCrystal "Stained Glass"


This Is Not Macaroni !

Tri-Color Rotini 63

Full Color Millenium Edition


Animated portrait of the last Man on The Moon..to fall back to Earth

Rainbow Butterfly

(From The Planet Photon)

Hot Buns

(Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone)

With gratitude to August Muth and Katalin

Holo-Collage by David Dunn

Andy Warhologram