Diamond Images







Simply the Best Holographic Portraits in The World

"...these are the best holographic stereograms I have ever seen" 

Yuri Denisyuk 1927-2006 ... inventor of reflection holography, upon visiting our lab 

Yuri Denisyuk and Mark Diamond Circa 1995


Nobel Laureate Isaac B. Singer


R. Buckminster Fuller

Les Paul :"Pickin' and Grinnin' "


Apollo Astronaut Eugene Cernan: "The Moon Hop"

Salvador Dali " Holo Dali - Crystallized"

Dizzy Gillespie

Duane Hanson : "It's The Real Thing"

Bo Diddley

Gloria Trevi


Baba Ram Das

H. A. Edwards

Rosie Schneider : Sabbath Candles