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World's First Digitally Composited

Full Color Animated 3-D "Holygram"


3-D Animated Hologram

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This hologram had it's genesis as a project of 3-D Worldwide Holograms. Since the dissolution of that company the rights to this image have reverted to DiamondImages and the copyright and masters have been assigned to Mark Diamond as the artist and original creator of the image.

It represents the first digitally composited,full color,animated,3-D, hologram. Four distinct source elements were melded in the digital domain prior to the creation of the hologram master. It is an outstanding example of what can be done when Hollywood style effects are applied to the medium of holography.

The beauty and power of this image has made it one of the best selling hologram in the world.

Above, a 3-D stereogram created from 2 views of the hologram footage, arranged for "cross-eyed" viewing. 

Click on thumbnail below for a QuickTime movie showing the full animation of the hologram.

Production still on the set of Mark Diamond and Jaime Brown as "Jesus"


 For historically and technically minded, you can read the S.P.I.E. proceedings  published in Fifth International Symposium on Display Holography


"Jesus" at the controls in the digital editing suite. Sometimes holographic projects require divine intervention.