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PoCreations COMedy
This stations bills itself as "Generally Subversive and intended for tender ears." You'll hear plenty of contemporary and classic comedians.

Xtreme Prank Radio
Pranks and more pranks from folks like Tom Mabe, Christopher Johnson, The WiLD 94.9 Doghouse, Kevin Jeffrey, Jonny B. and Kamal and more.

DFSX Comedy Radio
"New and Classic Novelty, Assorted Weirdness, and Comedy music made famous by Dr. Demento..."

iRadioChicago Comedy
Stand Up Uncut and Unedited featuring comedians like: Dana Carvey, Dennis Miller, Paul Rodrigez, Redd Foxx, Bill Engvall

Radio Prank .com
Plenty of pranks phone calls from the likes of "MJ & BJ", Jim Florentine and more.

Joke A Day Radio
Stand-up humor from people like George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Cheech & Chong, Jeff foxworthy, Emo Phillips, Steven Wright and Tim Wilson.

"ALL COMEDY ALL THE TIME!" Uncensored and raw comedy. There is a free broadcast and also the option to join as a member for a small fee for more.

OTRNow - Live Old Time Radio
Comedy from Old-Time Radio in the 30s 40s 50s and 60s.

The House of Comedy
Stand-up comedy and phone pranks featuring comedians like Jerry Seinfeld, George Lopez, Pablo Francisco and movie clips like "I speak Jive" from "Airplane".

The Greaseman
The Greaseman has always told great stories that many times have gotten him in much trouble. The guy is a classic humorist.

Welcome to Weirdsville
All comedy and comedy music, all the time.

Comedy Stations at Winamp Radio
Here's a listing of more comedy radio stations that originate at winamp.com

BBC Radio 4 Comedy programs
Let the British Blokes show you what comedy really is. Direct from the BBC in England, great stuff to make you laugh.