Sad Circle Status

From Mark Diamond

Tonight I went down to the now famous scene of ritual drumming chanting and general protest on behalf of the endangered Miami Circle. The only living human remains were those of Tom The artist AKA Nature Tom.

Bearded Tom sat cross legged wearing a glove he wove from natural materials, palm and yukka fibers to be exact. The glove as he demonstrated was used to keep his skin from touching the plastic of the pen he wrote with. Tom believes that we need to return to Nature and that a condo could be built using only natual materials such as clay, saps, fibers. His dream is to set up a school for teaching this back to the land philosophy right there at the sight of the Miami Circle. He tried to explain his theories pertaining to us as the materialization of Gods thought process. He said that we were not just what we eat, but we are all that we experience. Then he describes how we can all live forever if we harmonize with all earths energies. Right on Nature Tom.

On the twisted sister side, a car pulled up and a young woman gets out with her boyfriend and she blurts out, "I know how to get in."

Then the two of them dissappear down the service road on the south side of the Circle property. I follow them and sneak a shot just before she jumps the now unguarded sacred site fence.

She runs over to the Circle and a couple of minutes later returns with her stone prize. She says her man friend was too paranoid to jump the fence as they walk back to their car. I ask her if I could see her prized artifact and she proudly flashes the stone artifact. I asked her if she was not at all concerned for the desecration and vandelism by others just as she had done till there would be nothing left.

She announced that she had lived here all her life, 35 years, and that she used to play in this area. She said that she always had felt that spirits inhabited this area and that I need not fear vandelism by others, as though her sensitivity and familiarity, justified her felony.

Art proclaimed last night the "we saved the circle", I am not so sure as it seems more endangered than it's been for the last couple of thousand years.

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