*These pages archived from 1997 are reflections of my first intensive digital camera work.


Why Hitachi's MPEG-CAM Kicks Digital Butt
by M.C. Diamond

I've been telling stories with pictures since I was knee high to Big Bird. In the early seventies I was a stringer for Time Magazine, Associated Press, and a few dozen other publications. The buzz then was the coming electrification of photography and the dawn of the digital age.

A quarter of a century has passed, and for the first time I can literally grasp the future of imagemaking. For the last month I have been shooting with Hitachi's MPEG CAM. After working with everything from Kodak Brownies to half a million dollar Star Wars style interactive computer controlled 35mm motion picture rigs, this little powerhouse is liberating. No it can't be all things to all people. Frankly it's not all things to me either. But the broad scope of it's apps and the ease of operation will provide a number of digital imaging solutions to plain folks and professionals alike. Guaranteed a camera like this will not replace my BetaCam or Hasselblad for certain apps but that's not what it's for.

For image intensive web page development, I have never seen a swifter tool for acquisition.

Rain or Shine Digital Art
with MPEG Cam

Just after I got my MPEG Cam it was raining here in Coconut Grove, Florida. However, I had to stop the car and jump on the hood to nail this gorgeous Franjipani flower and leaf in JPEG still mode.

Click on this image for an enlargement

Just minutes later...

I walked in to the house, pulled the 250Meg drive out (which replaces tape, film, etc.) and popped it into a PCMCIA card reader on my PC. Opening the JPEG file is swift in Photoshop or virtually any other paint/photo program. A little massaging and bingo -- digital art as seen here.




That Guy With Those Eyes

Brother can you spare a DimeCam...

Macro Imaging Test with MPEG CAM.

Diamond Images is proud to show off vivid Digital Photography & MPEG Video with the Hitachi's new MPEG Camera. A pivotal tool for image intensive web page design the Hitachi MPEG Cam records MPEG Video, JPEG stills and Digital Audio all in one cool handheld unit.

The most bothersome part of working/playing with the MPEG Cam in public is that it's often mistaken for a Startrek Tricorder!

Render Way Cool Colors Right On
Tie-died Mandala NanoGons Animation
Copyright 1997 Diamond Images, Inc.

Photo George Carlin circa 1973

Taken with Hitachi MPEG Camera of b/w print in copystand configuration.

Copyright Mark Diamond/Diamond Images.