Native American Holo-Portraits by Mark Diamond

Comanche John Keel is seen with Holographer Mark Diamond on the set of holographic filming at the Miccosukee Tribe Reservation


Below, a small sampling of still frame grabs from the Indigenous Peoples Hologram Project which I began filming on Earth Day 1990.  In 1990, I was invited to an inter-tribal Pow Wow in Washington, DC by the late Melody Lightfeather. I was planning a series of holographic portraits of indigenous peoples for over 10 years .... this event coincided with the 20th anniversary of Earth Day....The Secretary of the Department of Interior had invited many Native American tribes to participate...and granted us permission to film the first of these holographic portraits in the auditorium of the department of interior in Washington D.C.and then on the mall where the groundbreaking and blessing of Native American Museum was to be held. I and my crew consisting of cinematographer/operator, AdamTeichman and my co-producer, Clayton Munsey, set up to film the first 5 in this series. Over the last 15 years, I have had the honor of filming over 50 others including, dancers, musicians, elders, medicine men, and children at Inter-Tribal Pow-Wows and reservations.

The beauty and power expressed by these individuals leaps from the images into our hearts .. Historically, there are few people that have been as betrayed and abused as the indigenous groups around the world.

 It is my hope to convey a sense of reverence and respect for the Earth and its indigenous peoples as well as preserve and share these traditions visually through this powerful anthropological study and holographic series.


Seen directly above, H.A.Edwards

Please click on the image above to watch a moving sample (740kb) of one of the Native American Holographic Portraits

To download 4:30 minute moving sample of several of the Native American Holo-Portraits click here (file size 52M).

Music heard in the video linked above is from  2005 Grammy Award winner Bill Miller from his album Red Road

Bill Miller's website and his amazing music can be found here.