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Shooting for Art's Sake

360 degree 3- Dimensional Imaging of Sculpture for CD ROM and Web based applications   - Ultra- High Resolution Direct to Digital Reprographics for Individuals and Institutions   -   Virtual RealityTours for Museums and Galleries  -   3-D Holography  -  Video Production in 2 and 3 dimensions

I've spent decades developing close relationships with artists working in many diverse media. I enjoy the challenges of conveying their work in another medium for the benefit of others who may not have immediate access to their actual work in person.

I have produced holograms, stereograms, videos, posters, postcards, ViewMasters, interactive 3-D object movies of sculpture for web applications, museum catalogs and publicity images for artists, galleries, collectors and museums.

Whether in 2 or 3 dimensions, still or kinetically animated, or even with 360 degree interactive object movies, I work from a huge bag of optical tricks and tools, and most  importantly, an affinity for creative types and a desire to make lucid connections between the real and the represented image.

Below are a few of the artists I have had the pleasure to meet, photograph, and/or get to  work with. Many of the images are linked to the artist's own websites.

Lama Pema Tenzin

Ric Globus

Gyory and Osiris

Robert Chambers

Pablo Cano

Jane Manus

Troy Abbott

Spencer Tunick

George Fishman


Graham Wood Drout

Brad Hallock


Eugene Massin

Lisa Remeny

Ferdie Pacheco

Kevin MacKivor

Al Crespo

Michael Garrett

Karen Sarmiento

Akio Hizume


Jude Papaloko The Genius

Rob Stern

Bruce Hanners

Raysha Moore

Barry Massin

Robert Osgood

Sid Smith


Robert Baldwin

Emanuele Viscuso

Chia O


Ilana Lilienthal

Daniel Fila


Neith Nevelson

Meme Ferre

Sydnie Michele


 Stephen Salmieri

Salvatore Zagami

Karma Phuntsok

Daniel Fiorda

Barry Gross

Amba Rose

Luis Garcia-Nehery

Dan Weihnacht

Jen Stark

Jeffrey Glick

William Keddell

Armand Elgrissy

Jonas Gerard

Lawrence Gartel

Gean Moreno

Jorge Fernandez

Jo Rochlin

Skull Sisters

Phil Kutno

Ken Solomon

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