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ASHVILLE to NASHVILLE 2003 Road trip

I was commissioned to shoot the wedding of 2 dear friends in Candler, N.C. just outside Asheville. We decided to turn it into a summer road trip by visiting with my childhood bud John Marcus and his new wife Vicki in Nashville.  We also stopped at the Biltmore Estate and in Waynesville to see my old friend Chris Landon who is in the final stages of building what will be the finest vertical wind chamber in the world.

The wedding was set in the bucolic town of Candler, North Carolina. Many fine folks attended from the four corners of the Earth.  As you can see below the  idylic setting off Magic Mountain Road was a real-time, non stop progression of Kodak moments .

Actually, no celluloid, acetate or toxic chemicals were used in the creation of this  digital diary. What follows is a visual snapshot of the sights and sounds from the American landscape.

Our gracious hosts provided a storybook cottage house for several out of town guests just up the road a piece.

Just don't  take a wrong turn .

The round house circled by the enchanted garden made it clear that  you were not in Kansas City anymore.


II met a molting cricket. I had not seen this since my early childhood in Panama.

The more mature "live" insect is on the left and it's artifact of metamorphosis personified is on the lower right remaining delicately attatched to the underside of the porch floor.

Amazing! I remember the magical quizzical mood this had evoked as a child upon first discovering this phenomenon. It's there and then it's gone but it's still there ....sort of.

The world of appearences seemed to me full of op-tricks as a child of 4 or so, and it still does.

Here's the all new ready to take on the world little fella eager to fly.

The girls at the house here cautiously watch a non(?) poisonous snake by the waterfall.

The wedding chuppah was under the treed canopy on the property and at several key moments the sun broke through.

A couple traditional type images and one surrealistic one below.

Claire as the Siren Butterfly

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