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Bassically Jaco           Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Jaco has been called the greatest jazz bass player ever, period. Words cannot express the lyric unique eloquence and deep funk grooves this man put down. The range of his influence has circled the globe many times over and hasn't stopped resonating.

I had not seen and completely forgotten this image for 30 years. Recently a number of rock / jazz images of mine were licensed to a British firm and I was given the opportunity/excuse to delve into the "diamond mine'. I found this singular exposure that must have seemed to be a "throw away" shot at the time as no other exposures surfaced from this take. In fact I can't remember Jaco taking off his shirt at any point of the session, nor posing like this either!

I am presenting it here with some difficulty as the image evokes a too clear reminder of my sadness in his passing and the unimaginable potential scope and breadth of what he had yet to offer the world if he could have continued his evolutionary musical path finding journey

 Jaco, may you rest in peace.


Composited in 2003

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