Diamond Images





It's only Money !

{Photo and mixed media, with dragonflies, 20" x30"}

This shredded pile-o-dough is a C-Print 30 x 40 inches. The print is behind glass, on the surface are many real dragonflies. Although no dragonflies were injured in creating this art work.

One day on Key Biscayne I experienced the swarming of thousands and thousands of dragonflies. The next morning I opened the door to find a sea of deceased dragonflies as far as the eye could see.  I scooped some up and saved them in a plastic bag.

Some months later I was inspired to apply them to this photograph. The motivation was loosely based on the expression " like flies to ....".

At a distance the dragonflies are not noticeable, and in fact the money doe's not look like money at all but more like a bale of hay.