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Return of The Killer Monks ?

Silver Gelatin Print 1999

This was the last day of a ceremony creating a Kalachakra.The aim of Kalachakra is to promote peace and tolerance. The ceremony represents a special blessing for all those present as well as for the place in which it is being held. The text of the Kalachakra Tantra – the “Wheel of Time” – describes the phenomena of the external and internal cycles of time as well as methods for achieving harmony between the two.

The somewhat shocked expression of the surprized beach goers was so incongruous with the peaceful calming effect the monks had on all those attending the ceremony. It looks like a poster for a B-movie.

An example of the sand mandala I photographed at it's completion is seen below.  It has been made available as a matted 12 inch as well as 30" print in both the color C-Print as well as the IRIS format.