Diamond Images






Scan from vintage 1971 silver gelatin print .

I still don't know what was going on here but it must have been exhausting.


In the early seventies I used to go to Miami Beach to shoot and surf with several of my friends from high school.

I guess we had a typical teenage view of the "old people" on the beach, and there was some genuinely funny stuff we'd encounter.

It seemed like there was suspicion of us youngsters among some and there was also shared humor and joy among others. Here's a couple of pages from a photos only diary of those images.

Here's a guy who seemed to think he could actually hide from my camera behind a sign pole!

This "mensch" was totally into having me shoot a portrait. You don't see sunglasses like that anymore.

This gal was reading in the surf.

This girl struck me as a kind of beached sea mammal. Since she seemed like she was asleep, I am sure my mind loosely threaded this image with a series I have been building for decades on people in sleeping or "unconscious" states.  Yes that's my shadow shooting her.