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Laser Red Hots!

 World's First Smelling Hologram

Originally created in the 1970s..Now in the 21st Century re-mastered with Pulsed Ruby Laser as an extremely limited edition.

"Laser Red Hots" 

White light viewable hologram on glass, from Pulsed Ruby master, with bowl, box, fragrance and candies. Edition of 7 

Click for hanging instalation view

This project had it's genesis in the late Seventies. I had created a laser transmission hologram of the famous Red Hot candies that integrated the use of cinnamon oil for a realistic smelling effect. 

Late in 1999 we were contacted by the fascinating 110 year old company Firminisch. Their business is scents and fragrance. The project required a floating 3-D hologram image of a perfume bottle that actually carried the fragrance of the perfume! During a pre-production conversation, I mentioned the world's first "smelling" hologram, Laser Red Hots, which I had created 20 years before. After a brief mental coin toss we mutually agreed to re-master the original concept in a white light viewable edition, since the concept they intended to convey could be done with the candies or a perfume bottle.

Their presentation was a rousing success as evidenced in the brief note we were sent (shown below).