I went to Machu Pichu, Peru during a trip to install a computer controlled laser light sculpture in Lima, Peru. By some good fortune, the laser which I was to install in the disco in Lima was not being released by customs. The reason had been that the coffin sized crate was marked with stickers that said "Caution Laser Radiation". Well, Ronald Regan was president atthe time and he had been rattling the space based  Star Wars program sabers. The Peruvian customs officals insisted on calling Washington to ascertain that I was not trying to export this exotic laser based "weapon" to their country before they let it enter.  So after days of back and forthing to the 105 degree un-airconditioned airport trying to get the laser out as to install it in the Shannon Discoteque I finally said , ok I am going to Machu Pichu, I'll be back to install it as soon as you guys see fit to let it into the country. It had been a dream of mine for years to visit the ancient site. After an hour and a half climb to the top of Huianapichu (the mountain seen in the background of most pictures of the ancient city), I encountered 4 Japanese photographers. I handed them my 3-D camera to shoot a shot of me and this was the result.