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Stereograms Shaken Not Stirred

My old friend Gary Zellerbach emailed me a link to some amazingly 3D stereograms that require no viewer. Here is the link  http://www.isnichwahr.de/redirect16975.html

I proceeded to assemble a few to try it. It's wacky fun and answers the age old question how do you view them, with a simple solution ... just look at 'em !

Gary Zellerbach and his wife chat with Jonathan Ross at Holo Exhibit in Wales, U.K.



Graffiti on Mercer Street, NYC

In The Laser Lab

Shakey Gram  created from video aquired by Robert Baldwin seen below with headmounted cam ready for aerial aquisition.





Lon Diamond  and  I  on top of Mount Snowdon

Grand Canyon from commercial aircraft

Fitz's Friend , Studio A

Duane Hanson & Joan

Sally Weber Hologram Sculpture

MD on top of Huayna Picchu in Machu Picchu


Larry Lieberman and Son Circa 1977

Livin' in my Public Idaho

Stan and The Girls , Pacha, NYC 2006


Gate & Shadow


Leaf's a Poppin'

Hologram from Jonathan Ross Collection


Hector Wagon Tale

Holography Symposium,  Wales, U.K. 2006


Dome home in Vermont


Dr. Richard Rallison : Lasers in Paradise



Man with Great Dane Holographic Stereogram. If anyone knows who this is please email me




Tenacious Leaves


Clouds over Vermont


Sculpainting by Ilana Lilienthal


Water Droplets


Old Guitars

Leaves Turning , Exeter , N.H.

MD with twin Nikon Motordrive F3s rigged for Gran Prix Miami in 3D

Link to architectural 3D Shakeygrams