Diamond commissioned by South Beach Studios  to shoot

 Multi - Grammy winning recording mix engineer 

Tom Lord-Alge

Tom Lord-Alge has mixed some of the most memorable music from Manson to Hanson. Other credits include Stevie Winwood, The Wallflowers, The Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, Nine Inch Nails, Weezer, Sarah McLachlan, Marilyn Manson, Oasis, U2,  Peter Gabriel and tons more. 

I had just e-mailed a shot of legendary Cuban bassist Israel Lopez "Cachao" to Joe Galdo at South Beach Studios on Miami Beach, as I knew that Joe is a big fan of the Maestro and I thought he would enjoy it. He showed it to Tom Lord-Alge who was mixing in the studio. They asked  me shoot a portrait of Tom in the characteristic black and white style in which  I had done the Cachao portrait.  Joe mentioned on the phone that 20 years from now people will come to realize that Tom's making history in the studio everyday!

This worked out great cause ... I love black and white ! Here's what happened on the shoot  ...



and the Nikon Coolpix Images...


   Tom Lord-Alge and Mark Diamond at South Beach Studios


Click image for larger view of  insane pictorial montage of  cover art from some of the Tom Lord-Alge CD releases.

(Courtesy South Beach Studios)