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Cinematography & Videography

Video and motion picture credits have included : Producer, Director, Assistant Director, Special Effects Director, Sound Recordist, Editor, Lighting Director, Director of Photography, Operator, Narration Voice-over,  Art Direction, and Animator.

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Multi-Location , Multi- DVD Series shot in NY-Las Vegas-Miami for Infinite Audio, ElectroVoice and Telex Corporation

Midtown Group Developers

Kabala Peace Institute

International Artist Eszter Gyory

Quicktime  26M Windows Media 25M Quicktime  16M Windows Media 15M  

I.E.E.E. Siggraph 2005

Palazzo del Lago

Ultra Music Festival

  Quicktime  26M Windows Media  25M  

Bnei Simcha


Art of Stone Massage


Windows Media

Quicktime Windows Media

 Mysterious Soul of Water

Ilana Lilienthal : Sculpaintings

Splash : Richard Tuttle