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Moving Water Portraits

We were asked  to provide a series of moving water segments for a pilot titled "The Mysterious Soul of Water which features a series of interviews with Dr. Patrick Flanagan, Dr. Imota, Randy Masters, and Jack and Donna Kassewitz. The participants discussed various esoteric aspects of the oceans and energetic properties of water. Diamond Images shot High Definition stop motion animated portraits of water in its various permutations which were used as illustrative special effects interspersed throughout the interviews.

Out of this request came the short film Water Portraits by Mark Diamond. With a 5 minute running time and music by Mel Morley the film is a meditation on everyday encounters with water as it's used and abused in the environment.

To see a series of still frames from Water Portraits please click on the image below. Note: This is a large 1Meg file that contains many images as one large scrollable jpg. A link to the actual film in its entirety please click here.